Fork Case
Writer : Fidelio Date : 2017-05-19,   Views : 34
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Fork Case

Do you find yourself constantly eating food where you need a fork to indulge but don’t have one on hand or they are all dirty and you don’t feel like doing dishes? Fear no more and eat always and anywhere with this retractable fork iPhone 4 case.


There are 3 separate pieces to this "thing". To assemble, place your fork in your track and acetone or glue the "Fork Track" to the "Case Body", make sure it is well aligned. Now you have a Fork Case!

I used a Makerbot Replicator to print all of these pieces and Makerware to write each piece’s G-code. For the iphone case body printing on Makerware’s standard setting works fine. For the "Fork Button" piece change the printing quality to "high" quality and for the "Fork Track" change the infill to "linear".

Have fun!

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3D Model Data :

ForkTrack.stl (5 MB)    

Ip4Blank.stl (584 KB)    

ForkButton.stl (2 MB)