Printable Interlocking Puzzle Remix
Writer : Roger Date : 2017-05-19,   Views : 30
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Printable Interlocking Puzzle Remix

The shown product is use length 10mm and tolerance 0.2mm. It is a loose fit and tolerance can be reduced to 0.16mm. Planning to enlarge it to 15mm.

Redrawn using OpenSCAD 2014.11.25.

update 20 Dec 2014: xmpuzzle.scad can convert an arbitrary file in xmpuzzle format (used by Burrtools) into OpenSCAD.

update 24 Dec 2014: One line of code was missing in xmpuzzle.scad. It is fixed.


Printed using 1.75mm PLA using Kossel Mini, Marlin running on RAMPS 1.4
KISSlicer setting: 0.25mm height, 2 loops, 10% infill, speed 45mm/s (30mm/s at perimeter)
Temperature: 200oC extruder, no heat bed